Instructions to set up a basic LAMP+SSH server environment
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Administration of Linux server/client environment

  • This repository is related to single-server/client Linux (server) environments.

  • This repository, as for now, doesn't contain any advanced set-up & maintenance instructions for multi-client/server environment techniques such as Puppet or SaltStack. For setting up a SaltStack environment, see:

  • This repository doesn't contain instructions to set up containers, such as Docker or systemd-nspawn.

  • The repository is mainly set up as a requirement by a school cource in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland.

  • The repository contains various exercises, originally presented in Finnish but translated into English due to practical purposes.

  • All bourne shell files (sh) presented in this repository may not be directly related to the exercises but they are useful in some situations.

  • NOTE! Instructions in this repository may not directly apply to your setting. The instructions have not been tested in a production environment, so if you decided to use them in your system configuration, you should apply them with care. I do not take any responsibility in a case of failure or broken system configurations.

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