Custom Anbox installation files & patches, including patched Android OS image file.
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Anbox configuration

Anbox configuration security in mind.


See: Installation steps guide

Anbox files

Contents of anbox_files are based on anbox-git AUR package, additionally including:

  • patches (see details below)

  • properly configured LXC container user and group mapping files /etc/subuid and /etc/subgid for Linux systems without Snap.

  • anbox-session-manager wrapper shell script

    • Purpose. If anbox-session-manager Systemd service is launched before X11 session, launching the X11 session fails. This script ensures that X11 session is launched before anbox-session-manager Systemd service, fixing the issue.

    • Place into /usr/local/bin/ folder and set as executable (chmod +x <file/path>).

PKGBUILD file is for Arch Linux. Rest of the files work on any Linux distribution.

Android OS image files

Get pre-built, patched images from All images are based on Android Open Source Project codebase.

Patch files in androidOS_files are for developers willing to build their own Android OS image file. See for rough step-by-step details. Patch file descriptions below.

Android OS image file target location for Anbox: /var/lib/anbox/android.img

Anbox - Patch files

Patch file Description
patch_audio01_timing.patch, patch_audio02_pass-messenger.patch GitHub: Anbox PR #1034 - Implement audio timing
patch_bytesize-to-bytesizelong.patch GitHub: Anbox PR #1480 - rpc: use ByteSizeLong from protobuf
patch_cm-helpmenu-unhidden.patch Unhide container-manager options in Anbox executable help menu
patch_cm-privileged-warn.patch Add not recommended note into --privileged parameter description
patch_python3.patch GitHub: Anbox issue - Python 2 is EOL: comment by karuboniru
patch_remove-unknown-opt.patch Remove unknown compilation time G++ option
patch_window-restored.patch Some Android applications such as NewPipe require SDL_WINDOWEVENT_RESTORED handling so that application window contents are correctly rendered after minimize/maximize operations.
patch_window-icons.patch Set SDL window icon property for each application window by using application specific PNG icons. Adds value for _NET_WM_ICON property in X11 environment (xprop command).

Android OS image - Patch files

Applied to the patched Android OS image file android_7.1.1_r13_patched.img (direct link):

Patch file Description
patch_audio01_timing.patch, patch_audio02_pass-messenger.patch As for Anbox (above)
patch_gallery2_no-activity-checks.patch Remove video & audio pause functionality from default Android OS system application as the pause functionality does not fit into Linux desktop environment when running multiple Android applications simultaneously.
patch_initcgroups.patch Remove unnecessary cgroups and related mount points from containerized Android OS system. Remove cpusets. Both options generate unnecessary Linux main system kernel dmesg output and both options fail.