Useful CLI tools (bash) for Arch Linux administration
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Arch Linux tools

Various command line tools for Arch Linux


This repository has various practical developer/sysadmin-oriented tools to Arch Linux.


  • bash.custom

    • Enable various customizations to your bash environment. Intention is to make life little bit easier to sysadmins when they work in shell environments.


Various shell tools, bundled in a custom archtools package. See PKGBUILD and contents of shell tools for details.

Tool Description
archrisks Get security risk severity & count of installed packages on Arch Linux
bininfo Show information about an executable in PATH on Arch Linux
buildpkg Build a local package on the current directory which has PKGBUILD on Arch Linux
deltmpfiles Delete current temporary files from pre-defined locations
extract Extract wide range of various archive types with native tools
findinpkg Find text patterns & print occurences with matching lines numbers in Arch Linux package files
findmatch Grep/List matching strings in a specific folder
findpkg Search package in official Arch Linux repositories
genmac Generate a random MAC address for a Systemd-configured network interface
getsource Get build files from official Arch Linux repositories and AUR repositories
killns Send signal to a process running in a specific Linux namespace (see man 7 signal)
killprocess Kill a process by its name
missinglibs List missing package libraries for a local, installed Arch Linux package
nowner Find orphan files on various Linux distributions
pkgdeps Recursive shared library & executable dependency finder for Arch Linux
pkginfo Gather package information with pacman on Arch Linux
psns List processes, their users and PIDs and their namespace name in current Linux namespaces
showpkg Show specific package version - installed and available version
specialchars Show special characters which need to be escaped in shell
ssh_timezone Automatically retrieve timezone information for SSH users
tputcolors Display shell colors
whichcmd Find available commands in PATH by input syntax
whichport Which TCP/UDP port number is associated with an application protocol
whichservice Which application protocol is associated with a TCP/UDP port number


DISCLAIMER: These modifications are fully compliant with Pacman version 5.1.3-1. Newer versions have not been tested.

File Description Permissions
/usr/local/bin/makepkg Get sources without security checks; Ask user whether to install missing deps automatically; Prompt whether to enforce package compilation without missing deps; Implement support for --getsource parameter (works with, and requires getsource command) 0755
/usr/local/bin/ Check age of Pacman PGP/GPG public key ring files and prompt updating them during pacman execution if they are too old (30 days). 0644
/usr/local/bin/pacman A simple wrapper which runs and then your original pacman command. 0755
/usr/share/makepkg/source/ Modified makepkg source file; allow use of additional git command parameters. 0644
/usr/share/makepkg/ Modified makepkg source file; use shallow git repository cloning (parameter --depth 1) instead of cloning full git repository when downloading package source code with makepkg. This is useful with large packages when only the most recent files from them are wanted and full git repository cloning mode is not desired. 0644

File paths above represent the intended deployment location on your Arch Linux file system.


PKGBUILD for stderred. As the build script description says, it hooks into STDERR output to print all CLI errors in red".


This repository uses GPLv3 license. Please see LICENSE files for details.