Various instructions for setting up Linux OS on Clevo N950TP6
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Clevo N950TP6

Various instructions for setting up (Arch) Linux OS on Clevo N950TP6

Clevo website

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Table of Contents


Be aware that Clevo N950TP6 has power issues which may cause major data loss due to sudden and random shut downs. This issue occurs if the laptop is directly connected to AC and battery is not used, at least. I have had multiple programs & documents opened and suffered many times from this issue. According to user feedback, this is an issue on both Windows and Linux.

One thing I can say for sure: the issue has nothing to do with workload because it has happened when the computer is idle, too.

The power adapter I use:

Good to know

  • Laptop bought from Clevo Computer (old link:, Clevo Systems). Fast shipping and candies included (Europe). Recommended!

  • Came with Windows 10 preinstalled on NVMe SSD (Samsung EVO 960) although I set No OS on their website.

  • If you had Windows 10 preinstalled, back it up - create a complete backup of your new NVMe SSD. Just in case. I used dd

  • You need Grub/Syslinux boot parameters acpi_osi="!Windows 2015" acpi_osi=Linux in order to access Linux desktop environment as recent Linux OSes tend to freeze on this laptop while loading DE. This rule applies to Live USB/CDs as well.

  • You need a recent Linux kernel (4.14 >) for this laptop

  • After proper configuration, everything works as expected. Recommended for Linux usage if you can deal with Nvidia Optimus

  • If you don't use UEFI (read: you use traditional HDD instead of fast NVMe SSD), you need to disable UEFI boot option in UEFI/BIOS menu. You can re-enable it if you decided to use UEFI boot

UEFI // SSD + HDD configuration, Linux installation

  • What? : A sample configuration instructions for setting up UEFI and NVMe SSD + HDD on Clevo N950TP6 (Linux)

CPU Thermal Control Configuration

Keyboard Backlight & Color Support

Multi-monitor support

Misc system configuration

  • What? : Various common instructions to configure Arch Linux OS on Clevo N950TP6

Laptop Images

Something missing?

If you feel some relevant information is missing or not well explained, please open a new issue on Github issue tracker. Thank you!