Use system-wide Wine, DXVK & D9VK for Steam Play/Proton (Windows) games directly from Linux Steam client
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Steam games with system Wine, DXVK & D9VK

Use system-wide Wine, DXVK & D9VK for Steam Play/Proton (Windows) games, directly from Steam client.


  • files_wine = Necessary source code patches for Wine to make it Steam-compatible

  • files_archlinux = Necessary packages & installation scripts for system-wide, Steam-compatible Wine + DXVK + D9VK. NOTE: Wine files are provided in files_wine.

  • files_proton = Modified Python 3 launch script for Steam Play. The script is modified to use system-wide Wine + DXVK + D9VK + OpenVR libraries & executables instead of Steam-provided, bundled ones.



1) Install Steam Client.

2) On Steam Client, install Proton 4.2: Steam Client -> LIBRARY -> Tools -> Proton 4.2 -> Install Game...


3) Compile & install Wine using patch files in files_wine. See files_wine/README for additional information.

4) Compile & install all packages in files_archlinux. If provided, see file of each package for additional information.


5.A) Apply modified files_proton Steam Play launch script. Put this file into $HOME/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Proton <version>/ where <version> is 4.2 or higher (depending on your configuration).

5.B) Select this specific Proton version in Steam client configuration menu (Steam Client -> Settings -> Steam Play). This means system-wide Wine, DXVK & D9VK are used for your Steam Play games. Only selected version works

Recommendations & Notes

  • Backup your proton script. It is known that Steam client likes to apply automatic patches. Have a backup of your proton script file in case the client decides to overwrite it.

  • Games may not work. Games which work on Steam-bundled Proton may not work on this modified Wine/DXVK/D9VK configuration. In this case, either A) choose different Proton version for non-working game titles or B) revert proton script changes.

Original proton script version 4.2 can be downloaded from ValveSoftware/Proton - proton. This script file restores original Steam Proton original functionality for the selected Proton version.


Parts of this repository use various licenses: