Useful CLI tools (bash) for Arch Linux administration

Updated 2 weeks ago

WAN IPv4 checker & email notifier for computers behind dynamic IP/DHCP

Updated 3 days ago

Instructions to set up a basic LAMP+SSH server environment

Updated 2 years ago

Easily set launch options for your Windows/Linux Steam games (single/multiple/all) via CLI on Linux

Updated 3 years ago

Create Canon DSLR CR2 image statistics (exiftool & GNU Plot) and convert ML dual ISO CR2 files painlessly for post-processing

Updated 3 years ago

Automated SaltStack Master/Minion testrun on Ubuntu Linux

Updated 3 years ago

Provides automatic installation scripts for OpenRA with Tiberian Sun & Red Alert 2 + Dune 2 (Windows, Linux)

Updated 3 years ago